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I'm Wil Lauwen, and a fan of Manfred Mann's Earth Band since I heard Father of Day for the first time in a record shop,
more than 20 years ago.
I live in Vught, a tiny little village in the middle of the Netherlands.
The MMEB was very popular in the Netherlands in the early 80's with hits like Spirits in the night, Blinded by the light and Davy's on the road again. Every year a new record was released. After that period there were hardly any new records (Plains Music 1991, Alive 1998) and I lost them out of my site.
After many years of silence I noticed through the internet that Manfred Mann was still ALIVE and kicking.
I went to a concert again, Wiehl 1998, and met another Earth Band fan (Thomas).
Since that time I met a lot of fans and went to several gigs in Germany, the Netherlands (just one) and England.
And because I want to share the material I have with other fans in the world I decided to start my own site.

On the picture on the left I joined, with a lot of other Eart Band fans, a gig in Duren (Germany).