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[Bad Krozingen 03-08-01]

Graeme Paylor's report:

Of the 3 gigs we attended, for me the best one was in Bad Krozingen. The 'new' Carol was played with Mick's wah wah solo replaced with a heavy keyboard sound with some nice touches from Mick and then the traditional ending we are used to. In Karlruhe and Rüsselsheim the ending was replaced by a restart of the song which I think did not work as well but that is only my opinion. Of course the complete surprise was the return of Father. I do not mind admitting that I had a tear in my eye when the familiar intro was played after Mick's announcement 'here's one we haven't played for a while'. It was wonderful to hear it once again albeit somewhat shorter than previously. Manfred's keyboards were exemplary throughout and I don't know if it was because I stood further back but the sound was amongst the best I had heard. A fantastic gig - a bit of a relief after the 'ordinary' one in Cologne 4 weeks previous.