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The information here isn't exhaustive, to avoid overloading you with information. Backing vocalists aren't mentioned, and the Other column largely contains only those whose names will already be familiar. As far as backing vocalists go, the Earth Band has had top names and many have continued over long periods, e.g. Stevie Lange, Maggie Ryder, Doreen & Irene Chanter, Dyan Birch, Denny Newman. I should also mention Barbara Thompson's regular contributions on sax.
Where cells are blank, the previous member continued, with the exception of the Other column.

Album Year Vocals Guitar Drums Bass Keyboards Other
Manfred Mann 1971 Mick Rogers Mick Rogers Chris Slade Colin Pattenden Manfred Mann  
Glorified Magnified 1972            
Solar Fire 1973            
Messin' 1973            
The Good Earth 1974            
Nightingales & Bombers 1975            
The Roaring Silence 1976 Chris Thompson Chris Thompson, Dave Flett       Backing Vocals: Mick Rogers
Watch 1978       Pat King    
Angel Station 1979   Steve Waller Geoff Britton     Alto Sax: Geoff Britton
Chance 1980 Steve Waller, various Steve Waller, various John Lingwood     Vocals: Chris Thompson Guitar: Mick Rogers
Somewhere in Afrika 1982 Chris Thompson, Steve Waller, Shona Laing Matt Irving   Matt Irving   Guitar: Mick Rogers
Live in Budapest 1983 Chris Thompson, Steve Waller Steve Waller, Chris Thompson        
Criminal Tango 1986 Chris Thompson, Mick Rogers Mick Rogers   various, inc. Steve Kinch    
Masque 1987 Mick Rogers, Maggie Ryder, Denny Newman     various   Sax: Frank Mead
Soft Vengeance 1996 Chris Thompson, Noel McCalla   Clive Bunker, David Farmer Steve Kinch    
Mann Alive 1998 Chris Thompson, Noel McCalla, Mick Rogers Chris Thompson, Mick Rogers John Trotter