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[Karlsruhe 04-08-01]

Graeme Paylor's report:

The Karlsruhe gig was to say the least - an experience. It is a long time since I have seen so many people at a concert. To be honest it is something I do not really want to experience again too soon in my life. There was nothing wrong with the music itself but when gigs are free such as this one there is always the element that is not really interested in what or who is playing and will chat through the whole gig, steadily imbibing copious volumes of alcohol. Manfred's Martha solo was wrecked for me by some dickhead shoving into me and then deciding he couldn't get through and disturbing me again. And then of course there was the inevitable fight which broke out during the last strains of Quinn. The perpetrator of the scuffle had a look on his face which said 'kill' and was somewhat disturbing to witness.