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[Krefeld 07-09-01]

Martin's report:

Iīve just returned from the concert in Krefeld, and I can say it has really been a fantastic evening with the Earthband. For me it was a special evening, cause it was the first time I could visit a MMEB-Concert by bike. Iīm living only about three kilometers from the concert hall at „Rudolphīs auf der Rennbahn“. But now some words about the concert: As I arrived there at 20 minutes to eight the concert hall was already much crowded. You could get still some tickets there, but i think it was at least sold out. Perhaps 1000 people (I will correct this later if iīm wrong) were in a very good mood when the local support band „Venus“ started a 45 minutes gig with good funky cover music. I think they really warmed up the people. After a break of 30 minutes MMEB entered the stage. The set list today was the following: Intro/Shelter, Castles, Martha, Carol, Dancing in the dark, Father, Demo Man, Redemption Song, Blinded. As encores they played Davy and Mighty. About 95 minutes all together. The mood was really good from the beginning, but got better from song to song. Especially from Redemption on the people sang a lot and Noel gave them the room to do so. As I saw the Earthband the last time in Cologne last year, still with John Trotter, I can say that i liked very much the drums of Richard. He gives the Earthband a harder sound which i enjoy very much. Itīs more rocking. Especially Carol i liked very much this evening, cause for me the versions with John were always so soft. After the first song there was a little problem with the bass and Manfred corrected Micks excuse with „Say it in german: Wir haben ein technisches Problem“; this was funny. I only wondered that Manfred or Noel didnīt welcome the people to the show in that moment. But nevertheless the gig was great. Dancing was surprising for me and most of the people i think, hearing it for the first time from MMEB, but they got great applause for it. The solos were superb and very much different from the ones they played in the last years with John, also some new arrangements made it very surprising to me. Itīs really never boring to hear the same songs, they change from concert to concert it think. Great !! As I read so much about S.O.S in this message board I wondered, why they didnīt play it. So I went to Thomas and Karin and their little shop after the show and Thomas told me that they cut it out of the show since this week. There must have been not so much singing at other places, but in Krefeld it would have been great I think. So Manfred: Come back soon and play again. I think the band and the audience enjoyed it very much here, including a little boy sitting on his fatherīs shoulder during the whole gig. Mick started an extra applaus for him at the beginning of the encores. I think this is enough in the moment cause itīs getting late. Iīm sure some of you will write on the board, what i havenīt mentioned yet.
Greetings to all MMEB-Fans, hope to see you all soon.