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2002 First gig to come:
3-5-2002 Lorsheim, I'll be there

Don't forget this gig. David and Dietmar will be there and hopefully I'll be able to join them.
20-07-2002 At "Schloß Moyland",a beautiful castle.
Have a look at the homepage There is also a link "Besucherservice/Anfahrtsplan" to find the right way to the castle of Bedburg-Hau.

Welcome on my Manfred Mann's Earth band site.
Because I like the music and the people I met the last few years I started this web site.
Thanks to the internet I was able to see the band after many, many years.
I hope this site will give information to all the fans, also those who are not able to see the band on stage.

I'd like to invite everyone who want to share his/her material with other fans to sent it to me.
I'll put it on this site in order to get it available for all the Earth band fans in the world.

I hope you'll enjoy this site and visit my guestbook in order to make the site better next time.